Air quality solutions
with low-cost sensors and IoT!

We develop low cost sensor boxes for IoT, embedded software and cloud services for highly reliable, continuous monitoring of air pollutants and automatic regulation of ventilators, heaters and dehumidifiers to maintain the desired air quality levels for health and comfort or alternatively to maintain budget savings on the energy bill.

Our Services

What we measure

We offer solutions for monitoring CO2 and non-CO2 emissions, including methane, nitrous oxide, black carbon, VOCs, particulate matter (PMs) and humidity, in energy, land, urban and industrial systems.

Visualization indexes

We calculate novel, real-time visualisation indexes (air quality, thermal comfort, energy) that extend international standards with real-time aspects, and form the basis for alerting, short-term actuation and mitigation.

Exposure estimate

Using our cloud services and real-time distributed processing models, allowing for very large numbers of measurements to be combined and aggregated, customers can visualize their exposure to pollutants.


We offer sensor calibration, certification and compliance to international standards in low-cost sensing technologies, concentrations of air pollutants, and standards for thermal comfort, as well as maintenance and updates.

App Development

We design mobile apps on Android for visualising and analysing sensor data, with or without internet connection, over local networks, as well as serious games for promoting awareness and sustainability.

Web Analytics

We provide web services for analytics in air quality and energy, for discovering sources of pollution, alerting, predicting trends and creating energy profiles, as well as expert knowledge on pollution mitigation.

Siba's key value proposition:

Reliable air quality monitoring,
at a fraction of the price

Siba's value proposition is founded on two years of research and development in reliable sensing using low-cost sensor technology. High end, precalibrated sensors, capability of calibration in certified laboratories, custom electronics, proprietary indexes, embedded software, mobile app and web services development are underpinned by expert knowledge in sensor networks and middleware, environmental engineering, signal processing and management.

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Awesome Features

Real time processing

Real time, distributed processing models allow for very large numbers of measurements to be combined and aggregated locally.

Energy savings

We balance health, comfort and energy efficiency by optimising the use of Technical Building Systems (TBS) operations.

Standards compliance

Compliance with emerging standards in low-cost sensing technologies, concentrations of air pollutants and thermal comfort.


Sensor boxes embedded software can provide automatic control of fans, air conditioners, heaters and dehumidifiers.


Customers can receive alerts and act proactively, as soon as air quality is detected to deteriorate, for health and comfort.


Stand alone mode or connected to the cloud infrastructure, using the Internet or ad hoc networks such as BLE, Zigbee and LoraWan.

Meet our team

Eli Katsiri

Lead developer

Computer Engineer, MEng, PhD. Assist. Prof. DUTH. Leading product and service development and certification.

Dimitris Katsiris

Technical Manager

Electrical and Electronic Engineer, MSc. Leading pre-sales activities and Marketing Manager.

Alexandra Kouzeli

Environmental Advisor

Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD, Emeritus Prof. NTUA. Leading certification activities.

Aggelos Protopappas

Analytics advisor

Civil Engineer NTUA, MSc. PhD. Professor DUTH. Leading visual analytics and business modeling.

Our products


Stand alone

  • Temp, RH, CO2
  • Screen Indexes
  • Stand alone or connected
  • WiFi or USB connection
  • 24h autonomous operation
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  • Temp, RH, VOCs, CO2, CO
  • Additional sensors on request
  • Online, connected to IoT
  • Wifi or other networks
  • Coupled to IoT actuator via M2M
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  • Temp, Ozone, NO2, NO, SO2
  • Additional sensors on request
  • Connected to cloud services
  • 4G, LoraWan or NB-IoT
  • Recharchable, solar panel
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Particulate Matter

  • Temp, RH, PM1, PM2.5, PM10
  • Connected to cloud services
  • WiFi, Ethernet
  • Mains, Rechargable, batteries
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Differential Pressure

  • Temp, RH, DP
  • Connected to cloud services
  • WiFi, Ethernet
  • Mains, Rechargable, batteries
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Hydrogen Peroxide

  • RH, H2O2
  • Connected to cloud services
  • Wifi, Ethernet
  • Mains, Rechargable, batteries
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The link between exposure to air pollution and disease has been proven beyond doubt!

Our sensors can guarrantee a healthy and comfortable environment in business offices, health care institutions, schools, fitness centers, hotels as well all indoor or outdoor activities.

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